After months of meetings, deliberations, pleas, and emotions, the Beaverton School Board unanimously approved the new school boundaries for the district.  A wave of homeowners sighed with either disappointment or exultation when the long ordeal ended.  

What caused such an uproar?  The building of the new South Cooper Mountain High School located on the corner of 175th and Scholls Ferry Road in the outskirts of Beaverton.  Due to open its doors next September, the school will hold up to 2000 students. To balance the needs of the district, the board needed to upset the whole apple cart, distributing students evenly across the six Beaverton high schools.  Nearby residents hoped their homes would be included in the boundaries; if not for their own children's education, for the resale value of their home, but some homeowners just 3 miles from the impressive new structure, found themselves disappointed while other homes residing 5 miles away fell into the boundaries.  

The dilemma affected the real estate market as well as new buyers tried to determine the school district in which they wished to relocate their family, and sellers tried to disclose the correct information as they listed their homes.  

If you are considering either buying or selling your home, take a look at the approved boundaries, and the transition plan for those students who wish to finish their education at their current schools.  And....breath a sigh of relief that despite the outcome, the ordeal is over!