"Drenched, and I mean drenched"

L.M. Montgomery did not pen this famous line to refer to the weather in her classic novel, Anne of Green Gables but if you are from Oregon that pretty much sums up October 2016.

According to the NW News Network, this last month broke records for many major cities in the Pacific Northwest, and we still have one more day of rain expected.  By October 27th of this month, Portland experienced 25 days of rain. But hey, true Oregonians understand this.  When you move to the area, you buy a rain jacket...you come prepared!  

Twenty-four years ago, I arrived in Beaverton at the end of October. I distinctly remember my shock as young women pushed baby strollers down the sidewalk in the misty weather.  Six weeks later I understood.  If you do not want to go stir crazy, you endure a little rain. It's expected here.  A newcomer once asked me why there were ditches on the side of the road....I shook my head, "You'll understand... in the fall."  Weeks later, she did when those very ditches were roaring rivers of runoff pouring down the hill.  Now years later, I don't notice the rain anymore.  It doesn't bother me. Each area of the country endures tumultuous weather sometime throughout the year.  New Englanders shovel snow all winter; Southerners endure the heat and humidity all summer.  When you think of the other options, a little rain is not so bad.  

Still preparation is everything.  Thomas Edison once said, " We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” So in lieu of these prophetic words, Realty Advantage has linked the Oregon Department of Traffic (ODOT) Camera on our website for easy access.  As the winter months of rain, sleet, and snow approach, be prepared and enjoy a smooth commute to work. Spring will be here before you know it. You can count on it, just like Realty Advantage!